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"Mistress of the Seasons (Spring's Awakening)" & "Portrait of A Soul" by Angela Patera

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april 2024

Angela Patera is a published writer and artist, and an emerging poet. Her short stories have appeared in Livina Press, Myth & Lore Zine, and more. Her art has appeared in numerous publications, as well as on the cover of Selenite Press, Penumbra Online, Monster Mag, and Apothecary Journal. When Angela isn't creating, she likes to spend time outside in nature.
You can find her on both Twitter/X and Instagram @angela_art13

Descriptions for the pieces:
"Mistress of the Seasons (Spring's Awakening)" is a mixed media piece (watercolors, ink, and gel pens), and depicts the elvish-like being responsible for the change of the seasons. With a gentle touch of her hand nature springs to life—awakes from its winter slumber.

"Portrait of A Soul" is a watercolor painting. It depicts a young woman gazing at her reflection on the surface of an enchanted river. The reflection changes and shows her what her she will look like after death, when she'll transform into a light being.

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