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"Cut the head off of the snake" By Nevaeh Phillips

You have a tendency to slither back in

Cut the head off of the snake

Doesn’t it feel restricting?

Cut the head off of the snake

The perpetual cycle of destruction

Cut the head off of the snake

Only to recreate more pain

Cut the head off of the snake

I’m sharpening my axe blade

Cut the head off of the snake

Nevaeh Phillips has grown up in a small town, and they still have a lot of growing to do. His poetry is inspired by the people he knows and the natural earth around her. She has some amazing friends, and they’re all incredibly supportive. They run a podcast with one of their best friends (Authorized Staff Only on Spotify) and they’ll continue to write poetry in the future. You can find them on Instagram @the_poet.the_artist

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