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First print edition! Mid-July!

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Two Poems by
By Halley Kunen

"Occluded Vessel"​

I collapse at the plinth

sagging over the edge, a monolith

knowing I can’t gulp down anymore tonight,

knowing I ingested too much,

spoors of spirits dispersed in the dusk like musk tracks

I sip the sky

admiring its lush.

How will I huff my way over the hydrospheres

as though I am on a plane

in the captain’s pit

playing with the buttons

as though there is no consequence.

Like I tapped the wine stains on your oxford,

as though they could extend

like branches in the ulna

like flowstones in a cavern.

Now the liquid runs through your hands

like a spill from the piscina

I can’t catch it in time.

I wasn’t wanting to get drunk

I was only wanting salvation.

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"Plaque Refractions"


Guzzling ellipses in the dark

not sure which ones I grab for

I don’t care

swivel my hands so extra fall to the floor

and scatter like snowflakes

poind nails and then slide off

looking to bury themselves

while my ejecta confines the blinds

like contrails disgrace the wraiths.

Art by Vagueanimals 

My Brief Bisexual Bildungsroman by Amy Davidson

A journey of self discovery

Introducing: In-house Interpretations


     Welcome to "In-House Interpretations," a dedicated forum hosted here at LHF, where the art we publish is not just displayed, but deeply explored and thoughtfully analyzed. This space is designed for the art and literature enthusiasts who delight in peeling back the layers of a work, engaging in close readings, and diving into detailed discussions.


      Our aim is not only to celebrate the joy of literary analysis but also to provide nuanced perspectives on the diverse works we feature. Whether you're a seasoned critic or a casual reader, "In-House Interpretations" offers a platform to explore interpretations, exchange insights, and deepen your understanding of the art that moves, challenges, and inspires us.


      Join us in unraveling the complexities of creative expression and discover the multitude of ways in which art can be perceived and appreciated.

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HYDROZOANS By Marianne Villanueva

Drifting, midwater. Jellies look alien, like something from Plan B from Outer Space.


Teacher looks entranced. The students can tell she's out of her body, out of her mind, out of the classroom.


Teacher is thinking, hydrozoans. She's thinking, bioluminescent. Order, narcomedusae.


Students are thinking: It’s the first week back after the holidays. Here we go again. 


Decades later, on the Nostradamus. She's made a specialty of studying members of this taxa. 


The ocean depths are dark as dark. But wherever she points the submersible beam, there are shapes moving. Black, triangular. 


There is still so much the world doesn't know. Of course her family worries. But it’s her tenth dive. She knows the drill.


And even if the worst happened, she knows it will be quick. She prefers that way rather than growing old. She’s told her family, many times: She doesn’t do regret.


Poor Miss Diaz, she thinks. Stuck in her little white blouse, her flowered skirt. Pointing at figures on the blackboard while her students steal glances at their phones.

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Submit your prose/poetry/visual art

Low Hanging Fruit is in the process of becoming. That being said, we are interested in a variety of genres and mediums. From poetry to photography, we seek anything you think can be expressed on a page or screen. 

While we are interested in an array of mediums, we have some interests. Special attention is given to speculative and socio-political fiction or works meant to challenge world views or color our mental associations.  For visual works, anything goes. Comics and compilations/series are welcome, physical and digital art.

About LHF Literary & Arts

Low Hanging Fruit was created by me, Calvin Madsen. I am a person, a writer, a Californian, and several other adjectives and identifiers. I created this website to get more involved in the world of literature and arts, satisfying my own passion while promoting the work of others. 


Perhaps this website will lead to printed editions. My hope is to one day evolve this project into a literary & arts magazine, printed quarterly or biannual. I am but one person, but it is my sincere hope that this will grow out of my control and become its own entity wrangled by editors, managers, reviewers, and all other organelles of publication.


The name, for those interested, is stolen from my intro to fiction teacher at UCSB. He told us to create a literary magazine of this name, and so I have. He was frustrated that the work we were creating in our fiction class had no place to be published and presented to anyone. So, in my small way, I swung my bat.

Thank you for visiting and reading this entry. Consider submitting a piece, or urging your friends to.

-Calvin Madsen, March 30th 2024

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