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"Occluded Vessel" "Plaque Refractions" & ""Submerging for cover" By Halley Kunen

"Occluded Vessel"

I collapse at the plinth

sagging over the edge, a monolith

knowing I can’t gulp down anymore tonight,

knowing I ingested too much,

spoors of spirits dispersed in the dusk like musk tracks

I sip the sky

admiring its lush.

How will I huff my way over the hydrospheres

as though I am on a plane

in the captain’s pit

playing with the buttons

as though there is no consequence.

Like I tapped the wine stains on your oxford,

as though they could extend

like branches in the ulna

like flowstones in a cavern.

Now the liquid runs through your hands

like a spill from the piscina

I can’t catch it in time.

I wasn’t wanting to get drunk

I was only wanting salvation.


"Plaque Refractions"

Guzzling ellipses in the dark

not sure which ones I grab for

I don’t care

swivel my hands so extra fall to the floor

and scatter like snowflakes

poind nails and then slide off

looking to bury themselves

while my ejecta confines the blinds

like contrails disgrace the wraiths.


"Submerging for cover"

while my hair smothers my face

I’ll do anything to not witness the detritus

or even view what’s coming next

I hear their voices

I’m afraid

and the hails are the only thing

that give me a semblance of grace.

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