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"24 Words Spoken On A Park Bench". by Rebecca Agauas

We sat on the park bench together, on opposites ends, in silence.

The birds swirled around our heads and played tag.

Flowers danced in the breeze and showed off their beauty.

Kids played in the dirt.

Dogs chased their tails around and around.

Kites soared higher than I could ever get them to go.

We only spoke to each other once.

It was simple and to the point, never over complicating the situation.

After 24 words were spoken, we got up from the bench and parted ways, never to be seen or

heard from again.

Rebecca Agauas is a 39 year old woman who lives in Michigan. She is a person living with chronic illnesses and is an advocate for the chronic illness community. Rebecca published her first book in 2022, The A, B, C’s and The X, Y, Z’s Of This Crazy Thing Called Life and her second book in 2023, Cardinals & Crows. She has written for several digital art & literature publications. You can find Rebecca on Instagram @rebeccaagauas.

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