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"Hello" by Richard De-Graft Tawiah


After Anthony M. Kwavah

When a poem finds me in the midst of people,

I bend my body to trap it and scrape its surface.

I go with a few words—anything enough to exchange pleasantries.

To find its delight.

To let her know me.

When I bend in my welcome,

I give her my hand,

like paying off a public transport fare,

and I ask,

How far can you take me?

She smiles rather shyly, like the sun using clouds as her cover.

What gives her light away must be the wind.

I allow myself to stay cool, trusting that she will take me home.

Richard De-Graft Tawiah is a writer/spoken word poet from Shama in the Western Region ofGhana. He is a 2022-2023 Nadèli Creative Cafe Bootcamper. His works have appeared or areforthcoming in the Global Writers Project, Decolonial Passage, GhanaianWriters, NadèliCreative Company, and elsewhere.

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