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"Her" "Y or N?" "The Tale of the Bottle" by Claudia Wysocky


All these lines.

All these words.

All these thoughts, scribbled across paper for a girl I do not see.

(Not know.)

Scribbled in ink, staining the paper.

                                    Staining my soul.

                                    …But she is—

                                    …she is beautiful…

She is the way.

On the composition notebooks pages before me:

Dig deep.

                                    Dig deep to the bottom—

  and think of her,

    to the rhythm of my       How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

                                    How do I love thee? ―My Shakespeare's not bad.

And since this is a letter, there are no right answers.

Merely opinions… opinions… opinions.

                                    (Love me.)

          —I wish she would do this for me.



       —Through the pages of a notebook, written across its lines,

I am looking for the girl who stole my thoughts and my heart.

            —I couldn't help it— so I love her, with all my soul.

                                    With all of my soul, in every word I speak,

   —Thoughts of her burning a hole through my words, until they're blurred.


“Y or N?”

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.  I have lived my life,

    And so have you.

But I need,

       Something more.  (I need)

Something to love

       —With all of my heart.

I've had loves before,

    But they either forgot me, or I left them.  But all are gone,

       And I need another,

    —With every bit of my being.

So I'll give myself over,

       To the first girl I see.

Wanting only

       To please her.

All that she—  

    Requires of me,

           Is everything.

I guess I love you.  

Y or N?

I think,

—that yes,

I'll go for yes.

(Sure… why not.)

I mean,

       Good things come in pairs, don't they?

And I love you:

    —and I still enjoy the sound of "You"—;

I'll think it over.

 (In a second.)

So… Y or N?

       Please choose.

One or the other,

    Doesn't matter to me—

       —At least, not right now.

But later, when we're together,

        —Under the sky, lost in each other's arms,

I'll think it over.


But… what if you say no?

(Oh no!)

But—What if I say yes?

(Why do you do this to me?)

Why can't you choose? (Surely it couldn't be hard!)

So… Y or N?

       Choose one—

                —And pick one now! You're driving me nuts! 

And if it's N, I'll go for Y.  

So… Y or N?  —I guess you'll never know.


“The Tale of the Bottle”


A word so cold,

that it pierces my soul,

 —and takes hold.

Tears bleed down my cheeks

    —Oh how I wish it were not so!

Now I am alone,

    —No one here seems to care.

The world has turned its back on me,

but still I yearn for light,

    —for hope.

Enemies surround me,

    perils with every step,

          But I know I will make it through,

  —With a shot of gin, and a slice of hope.

I see the world through a veil of wine,

    as I stagger forward, searching for the light,

                         determined to make it through.

And I will.


Keep moving forward,

    like the flames within me:

                                  burning bright.


—Until the bottle is finished.

Claudia Wysocky, a Polish writer and poet based in New York, is known for her diverse literary creations, including fiction and poetry. Her poems, such as "Stargazing Love" and "Heaven and Hell," reflect her ability to capture the beauty of life through rich descriptions. Besides poetry, she authored "All Up in Smoke," published by "Anxiety Press." With over five years of writing experience, Claudia's work has been featured in local newspapers, magazines, and even literary journals like WordCityLit and Lothlorien Poetry Journal. Her writing is powered by her belief in art's potential to inspire positive change. Claudia also shares her personal journey and love for writing on her own blog, and she expresses her literary talent as an immigrant raised in post-communism Poland.

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