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"Massachusetts Without Me" & "A Strand of Hair" By Tom Caton

Massachusetts Without Me

You cherished the pilgrim state

delighted in its colour

its limitless appeal

its end-of-the-world feel.

You were the kitten

to Rockport’s cradle-

it pushed you off course

shifted your perception

of what you considered an idyll.

It was the good Doctor Jekyll,

not the belligerent Mr Hyde

whom you left behind.

Salem smiled, Boston beamed

and I faced east, ill at ease

that you were content without me.

A Strand of Hair

The strings that linked us have become threadbare

but loose ends are crying to be tied there.

The garment may be torn, and what we share

may have been a stitch in time, but be aware

though only akin to a strand of hair

it never really left me, it’s still there.

Stuck like a harpoon, a stubborn spear

adjoined like wires we are, my dear

which flow through valleys then reappear

at the heart of things, like a small souvenir

that closes the gap and makes things clear

drawing our distant pathways near.

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