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Rhymes & Rain by Aves Condor

Rhymes & Rain

Tears pour from the heavens

Clouds pant and heave

Doused in water, no one was an exception

Scrawl on paper melted away, suddenly bereaved

Heavy air and winds humid

Eye contact with passerbys, was always putrid

A little drizzle has got everyone acting stupid

Under a petrichor spell, no longer lucid

Unaware of what's in store for this reign

Downpour consumes this day with rain

Rhymes and their internal pain

Extinguished, once a thermal flame

Lighting a match, itching at, biting at a scratch

In the middle of a torrential storm, seeking for heat in any potential form

Attempting to reform from quick scorn and those thick stabbing horns

Of this wild animal, this vengeful cannibal, eating me whole, it's become unmanageable

Cusping my hands around the lighter as it flickers, growing sicker, brave words come out as

murmurs and bickering, those with umbrellas can't stop snickering

It'll never stay lit in the rain, an obvious, evident claim, one that common sense would sustain

But I couldn't stop trying

If the flare would stop dying

Maybe, to myself I was lying


You could still have that fire inside, while crying

Aves Condor is a Puerto-Rican college student from South Jersey, where he grew up. Deriving inspiration from his own life, emerging with a passion for creative writing and poetry/prose.

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