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"Truth vs. Lies" By E.J.M.

Truth vs. Lies


what’s of the truth

and what is told from lies?

at first, it was clear

but now, every truth is hidden in a disguise


people say i’m pretty

they tell me i’m kind

but what if that is just something they say

to keep some peace in their mind


pride fills your body

when you praise someone else

so is that why they are saying this?

to only help themself?


however, people also say i’m smart

and i know this

for i have done well in school

and i make sure to follow all the rules


but if i know this to be the truth

then what are the lies?


perhaps i only label this as truth

because i can see it in myself


my pretty-ness is absent to me

but my smartness is known

i have let people tell me who i am

all based on which me they were shown


some people will hate your guts

never for a reason

just because they perceive you differently


some people will think you are the best

and those are the people

who will be on your side


maybe all along

in order to see my truths

i just need to speak of the uncertainties

as if they are facts


i am beautiful

and i am kind


i will nurture my soul

and then i will find people

who have a similar mind


silly me

i was basing who i was on what others thought

when in reality the only me is who i choose to be


people can’t tell you who you are

only you can do that

people are only able to tell you

who they think you are

and views vary from person to person

but in the end

you will know who you really are


so don’t let people’s opinions keep you tied

from being the best you

and living your best life

E.J.M. is a poet/writer who loves putting her soul into her poems. What inspired her to share her work with the world was the hope that her words could help people as much as they helped her. She has always loved leading since she was young. Now, she is writing various books and is excited to have people read them.

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